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Gate Repair Services

In addition to our garage door repair service, we also offer complete gate repair service that customers can trust and be confident with.

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Our Infographic

Find out what creaks and groans you should know, and which you should get repaired.

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Garage Door Springs

Did you know your door will not be able to move with a broken spring? Let our professionals safely replace it for you! Read more about our service and call for assistance any time.

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ABC Garage Doors & Gates Repair

Great quality garage door repair services are needed for secure homes and businesses. We take the responsibility of your security with excellent maintenance services, quick repairs and thorough troubleshooting. We have the means and ability to keep the people in California safe.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!


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Replacement of residential garage door motors.

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Single family houses are an excellent choice for residence since they offer spacious rooms and enjoyable and practical amenities such as beautiful gardens and garages. Yet, there are easier to be accessed by burglars and families have started to invest a lot of money in security measures to prevent them. In fact, these drastic measures have decreased the burglary rates during the last decade. People install outdoor lighting, motion sensors, alarm systems and security doors. Sometimes thieves may try to break in through garages and hence quality garage doors are required to keep them out.

There is a great variety of strong and secure garage doors in the market. In fact, we carry most of the top brands worldwide in various materials, sizes, styles and colors. You can pick between aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood. You can also choose between the manual, automatic, carriage, overhead, rollup and lift-up garage doors. Yet, the most important thing is their regular maintenance. Our company, ABC Garage Doors and Gates Repair, has a long experience in garage door repairs and great customer service.

Highly qualified and trained technicians

Our trucks are stocked with the most reliable tools and equipment of the best brands in the world, since we trust only Craftsman, Clopay, Liftmaster, Intellicode, Genie and other major garage door manufacturers for their excellent and authentic products. This way we can provide you our excellent services any time you need us. You can rely on our expert technicians because they are highly qualified and trained to repair the worst damages. They can fix the garage door keypad, repair the opener, replace the torsion springs and the extension springs, install a new door or any other garage door parts and program your remote.

Remember, you shouldn’t attempt to repair and replace damaged garage door parts on your own, especially springs, because you could be harmed. Our company’s garage door prices are reasonable and our people could always give you an estimate. Regular professional garage door service is necessary if you want to ensure the excellent performance of your door. Your garage door must always operate properly and the moving parts must be frequently lubricated in order to roll smoothly. Minor problems, which you choose to neglect today, might cause bigger damages and they will cost much more in the future.

When you are buying a garage door

you might select the most durable steel one in order to be sure that you are safe. Though, if you forget its regular maintenance you diminish its capacity to protect you. Our people will tight the screws, replace the broken cables, repair the door which is off tracks and inspect every inch to make sure everything is in order. They will replace the weather strip to save you energy and they will inform you about any new additional accessories that have been lately introduced in the market. Specialists and electronic experts always come up with innovative ideas of new gadgets, which make your life easier and supplement your own protection.

Why should you risk your life and leave your house unprotected when you are given a plethora of choices to support and enhance your security? ABC Garage Doors and Gates Repair will help you decide on your options and direct you according to your needs.

We ensure garage door safety with immediate response to your needs and services. We are experts in spring repairs and will be there to fix the weather seals and replace the opener at your convenience.

More about Extension Springs

Overhead extension springs are essential components of the garage door system that provide safety and efficiency to its operations by using its design to store energy in its coils. They are typically fitted to the uppermost part of the doors to connect to the brackets. They are comparable to torsion coil springs which offer a similar usefulness for slightly more heavy duty doors. Either extension springs or torsion springs are utterly essential for the correct operation of a garage door, and as such require considerable attention to make sure they don’t break.

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