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This is the source of garage door repair FAQs

Home maintenance is made easy by the experts. When you ask, we definitely answer. We help you to better understand the garage door world and how to maintain systems in exceptional condition.

How should I choose the thickness of my steel garage door?

A steel garage door is measured in thickness by numbers. The lower it gets, the thicker the steel is. Which means, between a 25 and 24 gauge steel, 24 is the thicker and stronger option for your steel garage door. Experts at Garage Door Repair ABC Garage Doors & Gates Repair are able to check the steel structure you need for your garage door for easiest reference.

What are the different garage door openers drive types and why should I consider using them?

Knowing the different types of drive is important so that you can choose the right type of garage door opener suitable to your home. The chain-drive opener is the oldest type and can be noisy. The belt type drive opener is made of rubber and is the quietest. The screw-drive openers are the easiest to install and is midway in noisiness and cost.

What should I do when I lose my clicker?

Remote controls for garage doors are very important tools. They have actually taken the place of house keys and if they are lost, the security of your house may be at stake. This is an emergency situation and you must replace it very quickly in order to avoid home invasion by people, who may have stolen it. It would be prudent to safeguard your house until the clicker is replaced just to be sure.

Should I install wall or ceiling mount openers?

Most people go for ceiling garage door openers. Lately, wall mount openers have also become popular in case you won't have enough space in the ceiling or want to use the area for other purposes like high-lift systems and car lift systems.

Should I install my garage door opener myself?

If you are very technically minded and skilled then it is possible to do the job yourself, but installing an opener is a very complicated task. Getting it wrong could lead to severe injuries, extreme damages and the need for expensive, but avoidable garage door repairs. So really it is a job that is best left to professionals.

What are the benefits of having a glass garage door?

They are called glass doors, but no garage door is made of glass entirely. They often have a metal frame that encases highly reinforced and scratch resistant glass sheets. Glass lets light into your garage, it won't riot or degrade from exposure to the outdoors and can be decorated or textured with various pigments, glazes and glitters.

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