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Nowadays we use tens of latest technology machines and electronic devices to make our lives easier and more comfortable. But we must never forget that human relations are equally important and contribute a great deal to our own personal progress as well as to the common good.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!

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Concepts such as friendship, family and solidarity will never lose neither their meaning nor their significance; on the contrary, as technology speeds and urges us to distant from each other, the more we should try to sustain these values and enhance them. People in Whittier appreciate these concepts and support them. Besides, the city’s symbol is the Friendship Rose. The residents keep alive the historical memories of their ancestors through the preservation of old buildings, museums and monuments and they support the infrastructure of the city, where the layers of growth and prosperity are based. Economic development and social flourish are very important but the focus must always remain on the human factor. In fact, primarily human interaction starts and flourishes within our houses, where we meet with our friends and family members and we encourage our kids to make friendships while we teach them the importance of human relationships. In this effort the excellent environment of our home will play a significant role especially if our tranquility is not interrupted by unpleasant incidents as garage door damages, which may provoke anxieties and make us feel insecure.

Garage door maintenance and adjustment

Regular garage door maintenance and adjustment service is essential for the steady performance and the outstanding operation of your door. Remember that if you neglect minor problems today you will pay them double tomorrow and in the meantime they might cause unpleasant accidents or the failure of the entire door’s operation. We, at Garage Doors and Gates Repair Whittier, can provide you with the best garage door services since we have a long experience in the field and the expertise to deal with even the most complicated jobs.

In fact, our technicians, who are licensed and certified, will engage in a thorough detection of your door to ensure its great condition. Don’t forget that your garage door is a huge moving electronic device consisted of many parts, which have to work in perfect harmony with each other in order for your door to operate properly. They will methodically repair any broken cables, they will replace the bottom rubber to keep the rain out of your garage, and they will replace a new weather strip to keep energy in or repair the door which is off tracks. Beyond cables and tracks service, they will lubricate the moving parts of your garage door to ensure that they roll without making obnoxious noises and they will repair and replace your opener. Remember the excellent condition of the opener as well as the remote is essential, if you want to open and close your garage door from the comfort of your own vehicle. In fact, our company can offer you plenty of great and best quality openers and the most technologically advanced remotes. You can choose among the Liftmaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman opener, for example, with a chain, screw or belt drive and match it with a genie intellicode, Liftmaster Security, Multi-Code or Clicker remote.

Springs replacement

Our trained technicians will also replace the garage door springs; they will install garage door sensors and they will do an overall detection to ensure that your garage door operates in its maximum capacity and can provide you with the requested security. If your garage door is very old, we can replace it with a new glass one or if you prefer more traditional styles, we can offer you a great variety of wooden garage doors or even steel and aluminum garage doors. We carry a vast variety of garage door options in terms of styles, designs, dimensions, sizes and of course materials and our staff will help you decide which one is most suitable for your home.

We live in a high tech world and hence Garage Doors and Gates Repair Company in Whittier will provide you the most outstanding garage door services in accordance with the latest word of technology. After all, why shouldn’t we play it safe!

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